Saturday, February 20, 2010

Maudlark Sampler 2/20/10

Run Mountain, Plank Road Stringband, Plank Road Stringband
Little Pink, Southern Schoolhouse Rascals, Old School Mountain Style
Uncloudy Day, Traynam and Garriock, Turkey in the Mountain
Rolling River, Airtight, Bridging the Ages
Going Across the Sea,Evie Laden, Float Downstream

Dance Me, Evie Laden, Float Downstream
Big Eyed Rabbit, Indian Creek Delta Boys
Ways of the World, Frieght Hoppers, Waiting on a Gravy Train
Swampcat Rag, The Konnarock Critters, Cornbread and Sweetpeas
Grub Springs, The Konnarock Critters, Rattle Trap
I Saw a Wayworn Traveler, Government Issue Orchestra

The Titanic, Southern Schoolhouse Rascals, Old School Mountain Style
Wreck of the 97, Traynam and Garriock, Turkey in the Mountain

Kentucky Winder, Sauber and Graham, Thought I Heard it Blow
Jonson Boys, Gellert & Leftwich, A Moment in Time
Riley the Furniture Man, The Haints, Shout Monah
Rubber Dolly, The Tall Boys, Rubber Dolly
Yew Piney Mountain, Chance McCoy, Debut
Old Beech Leaves, Light and Hitch
Get Up in the Cool, The Macrae Sisters, Old Sledge
Sweet Sunny South, John Lilly, Broken Moon

Garrel Hunters Tune, Paul Brown, Red Clay Country
Last Payday at Coal Creek, Brett Ratliff, Cold Icy Mountain
When the Good Lord Sets You Free, The Haints, Shout Monah
Highlanders Farewell, Andy Cahn & Ray Alden, Ray's Dream
Tom Dooley, Grayson & Whitter, In the Pines
Stay All Night, The Stairwell Sisters, Get Off Your Money
Tennesee Breakdown, The Stefaninis, Never Seen the Like

Medley of Favorites,, Leftwich and Higginbotham, Ray's Dream
44 Gun, Wondering Ramblers, Wandering and Rambling
Going Down the River, Plank Road

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