Sunday, March 14, 2010


1. ARTIST: Reza Khan
SONG: "Masala."
ALBUM: "Painted Diaries."

2. ARTIST: Mainstreet
SONG: "Babyback Ribs."
ALBUM: "Babyback Ribs."

3. ARTIST: Waitiki
SONG: "China Fan."
ALBUM: "Charred Mammal Flesh." 2006

4. ARTIST: Roy Hargrove
SONG: "Chim Chim Cher-Ee."
ALBUM: "Beauty & The Beast."

5. ARTIST: Alvin Batiste.
SONG: 'When the Saints."
ALBUM: "Late."

6. ARTIST: Pat Metheny, Brad Mehldau.
SONG: "Ring of Life."
ALBUM: "Metheny Mehldau."

7. ARTIST: The Bad Plus
SONG: "Everybody Wants to Rule the World."
ALBUM: "Prog."

8. ARTIST: Chet Atkins & Les Paul
SONG: "Caravan."
ALBUM: "Chester & Lester."

9. ARTISTS: Dave Brubeck
SONG: "Lili Marlene."
ALBUM: "Private Brubeck Remembers."

10. ARTIST: Pat Metheny
SONG: "Orchestrion."
ALBUM: "Orchestrion."

11. ARTIST: Wynton & Ellis Marsalis.
SONG: "Snoopy & Woodstock."
ALBUM: "Joe Cool's Blues."

12. ARTIST: Hyun, Jun Park, Yun Il Yang, Chaek Kim.
SONG: "Contrast."
ALBUM: "The One Night Trio."

13. ARTIST: Mike Turk
SONG: "Mood Indigo."
ALBUM: "The Nature of Things."

14. ARTIST: Vince Guaraldi
SONG: "Sweet & Lovely."
ALBUM: "Vince Guaraldi Trio."

15. ARTIST: Yair Loewenson
SONG: 'Waltz Corea."
ALBUM: "Yair Loewenson Trio."

16. ARTIST: Yair Loewenson
SONG: "The Death of Pedushkit."
ALBUM: "Yair Loewenson Trio."

17. ARTIST: Stan Harrison
SONG: "Tulips, Too Late."
ALBUM: "The Optimist."

18. ARTISTS: Reza Khan
SONG: "A Hopeless Moment."
ALBUM: "Painted Diaries."

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Reza said...

Great selection! Specially Masala and Hopeless Moment