Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Little Bit of Broadway


A young girl moves with her family to a new apartment – she’s lost her friends and her parents are inattentive. She discovered a door that leads to an alternate universe, with a loving Other Mother and Other Father. Just one strange thing – they have buttons for eyes. At first, Coraline is entranced, but eventually she begins to realize that the Other Parents aren’t as nice as they seem and the way home seems to disappear.

Based on the book by Neil Gaiman, with music and lyrics by the Magnetic Fields Stephen Merritt, Coraline is a scary look into how appearances can be deceiving

music and lyrics by
Stephen Merritt
book by David Greenspan
based on the novel by Neil Gaiman

A New House
I Am Miss Spink (And I Am Miss Forcible)
A Mouse Circus
Mum And Dad
At The Other End
Song Of The Rats
When We Were Young And Trod The Boards
Fluorescent Green Gloves
Welcome Home
A Lot Of Noise
Song Of The Rats
Theatre Is Fun
Stay With Us
The Ballad Of The Wasps
O What A Lovely Trip
Go To Sleep
We Were Children Once
When You're A Cat
Song Of The Rats
Whatever You Want
Song Of The Rats
The World Goes Flat
I Saw A Show On Telly Once
Falling... Falling...
One Long Fairytale

For more children’s music, we turn to an old friend, Disney’s Pinocchio.

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