Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Afternoon Classics, Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Welllllll, this is the last day in the old corral, we will be in our new studio tomorrow with all its new technology and a window to look out of! Yes! So for our last program something new to look forward to the new studio and some "lasts" to close off the old experiences.
Here is the last of the six Solo Suites for Cello by Bach, BWV 1012 played by Zwill Bailey on a 17th century cello.
A new composer from the Netherlands, well not new but new to me a umdoubtedly he will be new to you. His name is Tristan Keuris and his dates are 1946 - 1996. A mere 50 years and of limited output. The Netherlands Radio sent us a complete set of his works on 11 cd's. So as an introduction:
Variations for Strings written in 1985. We will hear the Netherlands Radio Chamber Orchestra under the direction of Henrik Schaefer.
One of the composers of the day is Ernest Bloch. We will close out our second hour with his Prayer from "A Hebrew Life" to be performed by Julius Burger with the Polish National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Antoni Wit.
In the second half we open with another anniversay boy - Joseph Haydn. This time it is his Symphony No. 104 AKA the London Symphony. Sir Charles Mackerras and the Orchestra of St. Luke's.
Following is more from Ernest Bloch: his Hebrew Rhapsody performed once again by Julius Burger with the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra.
And then to Stravinsky, his Symphony ion C which I believe is one of his best neo-classical pieces: The Symphony in C. We will hear the CBC Symphony Orchestra conducted by the composer.
For the last piece we shall hear the last piiece of music written by Dmitri Schostakovich - his Sonata for Viola and Piano, Opus 147 and -
tomorrow I will see you in the new studio!

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