Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jazz Beat, May 15, 2010

JAZZ BEAT, MAY 15, 2010

1.ARTIST: Jesse Cook
SONG: “Bogata By Bus”
ALBUM: “the Rumba Foundation.”

2. ARTIST: Jesse Cook
SONG: “Santa Marta.”
ALBUM: “the Rumba Foundation.”

3. ARTIST: Jesse Cook
SONG: “Tuesday’s Child.”
ALBUM: “the Rumba Foundation.”

4. ARTIST: Brad Mehldau
SONG: “Highway Rider.”
ALBUM: “Highway Rider.”

5. ARTIST: Brad Mehldau
SONG: “The Falcon Will Fly Again.”
ALBUM: “Highway Rider.”

6. ARTIST: One for All
SONG: “Road to Marostica.”
ALBUM: “Return to the Lineup.”

7. ARTIST: Klein, Kireyev, Washburne
SONG: “Yours Truly.”
ALBUM: “Sunday Morning.”

8. ARTIST: David Hazeltine
SONG: “Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most.”
ALBUM: “Optimist.”

9. ARTIST: Betty Roach
SONG: “Take the ‘A’ Train.”
ALBUM: “Some Kind of Cool.”

10. ARTIST: Trevor Watts
SONG: “Tribute to Don Cherry.”
ALBUM: “Moire Music Group.”

11. ARTIST: Miles Davis
SONG: “Miles Runes the Voodoo Down.”
ALBUM: “Bitches Brew.”

12. ARTIST: One Night Trio
SONG: “My Funny Valentine.”
ALBUM: “One Night Trio.”

13. ARTIST: Pat Metheny
SONG: “Spirit of the Air.”
ALBUM: “Orchestrion.”

14. ARTIST: Ahn Trio
SONG: “The Heart Asks Pleasure First.”
ALBUM: “Ahn Plugged.”

15. ARTIST: Gregg August Sextet
SONG: One for Louis.”
ALBUM: “One Peace.”

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