Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mudlark Sampler 5/15/10

Host - Jack Fontanella

Henry Kings Reel, Stuart Bros., Mounrtaineer
Lost Train Blues, Old Sledge
When I Can Read My Titles Clear, Government Issue Orchestra
Pretty Saro, Old Sledge

Shooting Creek, Traynam and Garriock, Turkey in the Mountain
Dickie and Johson, Smith and Jones, Glow
Little Pink, Southern Schoolhouse Rascals

Those Brown Eyes, Ginny Hawker and Tracey Schwarz, Good Songs for Hard Times
Touch My Heart, Ginny Hawker and Tracey Schwarz, Good Songs for Hard Times
On the Banks of the River,same as above, Draw Closer
Go Home, Same as above
Lonesome for You, Same as above, Good Songs for Hard Times

Texas Gals, Plank Road, FRC
Flying Indian, Flatiron Stringband
Shotening Bread, Tom, Brad and Alice, Been There Still

Chinquinkapin Hunting, Hiram Stamper, Field Recording
Chinquapin Hunting, Cliffhangers, On the Edge
Chinquapin Hunting, Government Issue Orchestra

Chinquapin Hunting, Hiram Stamper, Digital Library of Appalachia
Chinka Pin Hunting, Art Stamper, Lost Fiddler
Chinquapin Hunting, David Grier, Panorama

Yew Piney Mountain/Mama Always Told Me, Albermarle Ramblers, Gentlemen fromVirginia
Kicked Up a Devil of a Row, Hart and Blech, A Devil of a Row
Johnny Court the Widow, The Stuart Bros., Mountaineer
Pretty Polly, Old Sledge, EP

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