Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ambient Groove -- July 17, 2010

Playlist for Saturday, July 17

Reverie, David Lanz
Enchantress, John Zorn
Enchanted Walk, Stephen Rhodes
Host of Seraphim, Dead Can Dance

Gnossiennes No. 4, Anders Miolin
Ballad of Distances Pt 2, Stars of the Lid
Another Day, This Mortal Coil
In the Quiet Days Before, Jeff Pearce
On Your Shore, Enya
Deep Peace, Bill Douglas
Revelation, Ravi Chawla
Falling in the Garden, Ray Lynch
Eternal Movement, AstroVoyager

Cool Breeze, Isadar
To Wake From a Dream, Aiko Shimada

Sab'einu, Alon Michael & Israel Idelson
Jogashima No Ame, Marc Grauwels & Ingrid Procureur
Mind 101, Levi Chen
Memory of Uday, Ravi Shankar Project
Merry-Go-Round, Moya Brennan
Ameno, Massini
Only Time, Mary McDowell

Morning Groove, Dan Freeme
Endless Fields, Ray

Ambrose Lane, Graham Ord et al.
Stillness & Return, Jim Goodin
When We Dance, Sting

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