Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ambient Groove -- July 3, 2010

Playlist for Saturday, July 3rd

Dawning, Karen Olson
Distant Shores, Gary Stroutsos
Love Remembered, Stephen Rhodes
A Sublime Place, Erik Wallo
Jewelled Light, Shawndeya
Where the Joys Are, Dean Evenson
Finding My Way, Liquid Mind
Gaia, Shastro
The Water Garden, Alex de Grassi
In the Stillness of Peace, Michele McLaughlin
A Rose Distilled, David Wahler
I Never Left, Alicia Besette
Easy Going, Aqualite
Naked, Anoushka Shankar
Esmer, Third Planet
It's A New Day, Loving Paris
Daylight, Kites
Sinking Into You, Macey Lind
Let It Flow, Chez Lamar
Next to You, Dulce Shern
Step Into the Light, Candice Brown
Summer Smile, Nora Simmons

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