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Jazz Beat, Aug 7, 2010

JAZZ BEAT, Aug. 7, 2010

1. ARTIST: Kevin Kays, Larry Grenadier, Samus Blake
SONG: "Fear Of Roaming."
ALBUM: "Fear of Roaming."

2. ARTIST: Yellowjackets
SONG: "Three Circles."
ALBUM: "Lifecycles."

3. ARTIST: Jack DeJohnette
SONG: "Dancing With Nature Spirits."
ALBUM: "Dancing With Nature Spirits."

4. ARTIST: Brad Mehldau
SONG: "Get Happy."
ALBUM: "Anything Goes."

5. ARTIST: Tim Newman
SONG: "Goodbye Porkpie Hat."
ALBUM: "Altered Egoes."

6. ARTIST: Modern Jazz Quartet
SONG: "Rising Up In The Morning."
ALBUM: "Blues On Black."

7. ARTIST: Charlie Haden Quartet West
SONG: "Sunset Afternoons."
ALBUM: "Always Say Goodbye."

8. ARTIST: Moonlight Swing
SONG: "Thanks For The Memories."
ALBUM: "Here We Go Again."

9. ARTISTS: Cream Cheese & Bagels
SONG: "Ballad Of The Sad Young Men."
ALBUM: "Jazzed To The Max."

10. ARTIST: The Tiger Lillies
SONG: "Hell."
ALBUM: "Births Marriages and Deaths."

11. ARTIST: Frank Zappa
SONG: "Strictly Genteel."
ALBUM: "Strictly Genteel."

12. ARTIST: Yellowjackets
SONG: "New Rochelle."
ALBUM: "Blue Hats."

13. ARTIST: Chris Botti
SONG: "Miami Overnight."
ALBUM: "Night Moves."

14. ARTIST: Stan Getz
SONG: "Here Comes That Rainy Day."
ALBUM: "Compact Jazz."

15. ARTIST: Stanley Clarke Trio
SONG: "Under The Bridge."
ALBUM: "Jazzed To The Max."

16. ARTIST: Ablaye Cissoko
SONG: 'Bamaya."
ALBUM: "Sira."

17. ARTISTS: The Tiger Lillies
SONG: "Autumn Leaves."
ALBUM: "Births Deathes Marriages."

18. ARTIST: Josh Redman
SONG: "I'm An Old Cowhand."
ALBUM: "Back East."

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