Sunday, August 15, 2010

We Like Kids! - August 15, 2010


Friendship Train - Jim Valley
Will I Find a Friend? - Two Of A Kind
Won't You Be My Friend? - The SongSisters
Will You Be My Friend? - Wendy Gelsanliter
You've Got A Friend - Carol King & James Taylor
Friend Like Me - Aladdin
We're Friends Jim Cosgrove
Friendship Song - Cheryl Melody
The Lion and the Mouse - Heather Forest
My Best Friend Lars - Magical Music Express
Best Friends - Sue Schnitzer
Best Friend - Andy Glockenspiel
Best Friends - Bari Koral Family Rock Band
My Best Friend's a Polar Bear - Michael Anderson & the Polar Bear Band
Silly Animal Friends - Meredith LeVande
Will You Still Be My Friend? - Rhythm Chid
Time to Be a Friend - Dave Kinnoin
My Friend, My Guitar - Little Mo McCoury

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