Sunday, September 26, 2010

We Like Kids! - Fruits

We Like Kids!
The Fruit Song - The Chenille Sisters
Banana - Cathy & Marcy
Bananaphone - Raffi
Banana - Tom Paxton
I Gave My Love a Cherry - Sally Rogers
Applepicker's Reel - Jacki Breger
I Like Picking Apples - Ken Whiteley
Johnny Appleseed - Jonathan Sprout
Johnny Appleseed - Jim Weiss
Banana Boat Song - Stan Freeburg
Banana Boat Song - Harry Belafonte
Fruit Jar - Justin Roberts
Apples, Oranges and Peaches - The Squeegees
Five A Day - Cathy & Marcy
Why Not Grow a Garden? - My Changing Planet
Cookies and Milk - Frances England
From Scratch - Justin Roberts

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