Thursday, September 2, 2010

Women's Prerogative 9/2/10 with Martha

Red Molly - The Last Call
Natalie Merchant - Kind and Generous
Lisa Bouchelle - Heaven on Credit
Claire Lynch - Second Wind
Rachael Sage - There is Passion
Kim Beggs - Lay it all Down
Daphne Willis - All I Know
Bex Marshall - Head in the Clouds
Roxanne Potvin - Hurting Child
Natalie Merchant - Wonder
Denise LaSalle - Too Many Women
Lori Lieberman - Nobody's Crying
Diane Zeigler - The Widow's Peak
Teri Tudury - You Don't Miss Your Water
Red Molly - Falling In
Christine Lavin - For Real
Lisa Bouchelle - American Dreams Gone Wrong
Catie Curtis - If I Should Fall Behind
Claire Lynch - Moonlighter
Rachael Sage - Everything was Red
Kim Beggs - Pioneer and Doctor
Daphne Willis - Love and Hate
Roxanne Potvin - Caught Up
Diane Zeigler - Rock of Ages
Red Molly - Gulf Coast Highway
Lisa Bouchelle - Trippin' on a Fantasy
Claire Lynch - My Heart is a Diamond
Kim Beggs - Close By
Denise LaSalle - Older Woman

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