Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Little Bit of Broadway

Louisana Purchase

No, not Thomas Jefferson and Lewis and Clark but Irving Berlin!

When the Yankee Senator Loganberry is sent to investigate the corrupt Louisiana Purchase Company in New Orleans, the firm's lawyer, Jim Taylor, attempts to compromise him with the vampish Marina Van Linden and with the coquettish Madame Bordelaise. But the good Senator proves incorruptible and ends up marrying one of the women.

This was Berlin’s first Broadway score since the 1933 As thousands cheer. He followed this hit in 1942 with This is the Army.

So what did Berlin do between those 2 shows? He went to Hollywood, of course! Here’s music from the 1935 Fred Astaire movie Top Hat.
Isn’t this a lovely day?
Top Hat, White Tie and Tails
Cheek to cheek

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