Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mudlark Sampler

Host - Jack Fontanella

Camp Chase - Scott Prouty

Shove That Pig's Foot Just A Little Bit Further in the Fire - Big Hoedown, Bruce Molsky and...

Knock Around the Kitchen 'Til the Cook Comes In, Foghorn Stringband, Boombox Square Dance

Girl in the Black Velvet Band, Foghorn Duo, Lonesome Song

Les Oiseaux Vont Chanter, Nadine Landry & Steven Sammy Lind, Grandad's Favorites

Fine Times at Our House, Mark Simos, Festival Jam

Fine Times at Our House, West Virginia Fiddler

Riley & Spencer, The Southern Schoolhouse Rascals, Old School Mountain Style

Puncheon Floor,Wayne Erbsen, Log Cabin Songs

North Carolina Breakdown, Kathy Fink

Worn Out Shoes, Caleb Klauder Country Band, Western Country

Liza Jane, Carl Jones and Beverly Smth

Liza Jane, Carter Brothers and Son, Mississippi Fiddle Tunes

Who Killed Poor Robin, Big Medicine, Too Old to Be Controlled

Little Dutch Girl, Earl Collins, That's Earl

Chilly Winds, John Herrman, Old Time Banjo

Bull at the Wagon, Lewis Brothers, Texas Stringband Favorites

Bull at the Wagon, RB Reid, Back Up and Push

I'll Take the Blame, The Stanley Brothers, And the Clinch Moutain Boys

Magpie, Fuzzy Mountain Stringband

Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine, Fuzzy Mountain Stringband

Sow 'Em in the Mountain, Foghorn Stringband, Reap What You Sow

Let Me Fall, Foghorn Stringband, Rattlesnake Title Wave

West Fork Gals, Aaron Lewis & Matt Ball, Phil's Porch

Pretty little Dog, Fuzzy Mountain Stringband

Warfare, The Freight Hoppers, Waiting on the Gravy Train

Julie Ann Johnson, Emmet Lundy

Tippin' Back the Corn, Lynn Chirps Smith, Down in Little Egypt

Lacy Brown, Foghorn Stringband, Rattlesnake Titlewave

Happy Hallow, Mark Simos, Festival Recoerding

Jenny Ran Away in the Mud in the Night, Marcus Martin

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