Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Friends & Neighbors, Dec 1 2010

Eclectic as usual:

songs for fathers
from Hugh Blumenfeld, Dad
    NICU at Nite
            Daddy I'm Awake
from Tom Paxton, The Marvelous Toy

from theTallboys, Round the Bend
    Farmer's Daughter

from the Country Sampler, OASIS Vol X:5
  Johnny Price and the Rhythm Riders
    Straight A's in Love
  Doug Tracker
    Those Outlaw Guys
  One Horse Shy
           Honey in my Tea
  Todd Berry
           Don't Let This Hat Fool You
  Susie Knight
           Down This Road Again

from Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band
    Two Soldiers
    Turtle Dove

from Bob Dylan, The Rest of the Original Mono Recordings
    The Times They Are A-Changing

from Grant Dermody, Lay Down My Burden
    Twelve Gates to the City

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