Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Little Bit of Broadway

She Loves Me

Back in 1978, I, like many others of the time, had a crush on Robin Ellis as Poldark. So, when PBS ran a musical called She Loves Me starring Ellis in the male lead, I of course had to watch. And this was my introduction to what I have to admit is my #1 favorite musical.

It’s not your typical musical of the time (maybe that’s why Sheldon Harnick and Jerry Bock had to wait for a year until Fiddler on the Roof to win the Tony for best musical.) There aren’t any big show-stopping numbers, and only one real chorus number, although the chorus does appear throughout the show. This musical is just more intimate, smaller and more personal, just a perfect little jewel box of a show. The best word to describe it is charming. And no, that’s NOT a bad thing.

Georg and Amelia have been exchanging “dear friend” letters and are falling in love with other. They end up working with each other (without knowing it, of course) and they can’t stand each other. But, of course, they work thru all their problems, and the problems of everyone else in the shop by the end of the show. Plus, it all ends happily on Christmas Eve!

We are listening to the original cast today, but if you get the chance to see the 1978 BBC production, do so. I don’t think it is out on DVD, but there are some sections of it available (rather blurry) on Youtube. Robin Ellis makes a lovely somewhat awkward Georg. Hey, maybe it’s time to put Poldark on my Netflix list.

Music Jerry Bock
Lyrics Sheldon Harnick
Book Joe Masteroff
Basis Miklos Laszlo's play Parfumerie

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