Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jazz Beat, January 29, 2011


1. ARTIST: The Buck Clayton Swing Band.
SONG: "Scorpio."
ALBUM: "Live From Greenwich Village, NYC." 1996.

2.ARTIST: Frank Rosolini.
SONG: "Here's That Rainy Day, Stardust Medley."
ALBUM:"Trombone Heaven, Vancouver, 1978."

3. ARTIST: Frank Rosolini.
SONG: "Well You Needn't."
ALBUM: "Trombone Heaven, Vancouver, 1978."

4. ARTIST: Albert Magelsdorff
SONG: 'Ant Stepping On An Elephant's Toe."
ALBUM: "Trilogue Live." 1976.

5. ARTIST: The Nuclear Whales.
SONG: "When Night's Shadows Fall."
ALBUM: "Isotopia."

6. ARTIST: Jack Teagarden
SONG: "I Cover The Waterfront."
ALBUM: "That's A Serious Thing." 1990

7. ARTIST: Glenn Miller.
SONG: "Sting Of Pearls."
ALBUM: "Chatanooga Choochoo, The #1 Hits."
8. ARTIST: Billy Taylor & Gerry Mulligan.
SONG: "Stompin' At The Savoy."
ALBUM: "Live At McG."

9. ARTIST: Larry Coryell.
SONG: "Panama."
ALBUM: "Live From Bahai."

10. ARTIST: Larry Coryell.
SONG: "Veracruz."
ALBUM: "Live From Bahai."

11. ARTIST: David Boswell
SONG: "Bridge Of Art."
ALBUM: "Bridge Of Art."

12. ARTIST: The Nuclear Whales.
SONG: "Lush Life."
ALBUM: "Gone Fission."

13. ARTIST: Kai Winding
SONG: "You Don't Know What Love Is."
ALBUM: "Jay & Kai + 6."

14. ARTIST: Kai Winding
SONG: "A Night In Tunisia."
ALBUM: "Jay & Kai + 6."

15. ARTIST: Jim Cleveland.
SONG: "A Jazz Ballad."
ALBUM: "Cleveland Style."

16. ARTIST: Jim Cleveland.
SONG: "Goodbye Ebbets Field."
ALBUM: "Cleveland Style."

17. ARTIST: Jack Teagarden.
SONG: "St. James Infirmary."
ALBUM: "The Club Hangover Broadcast.

18. ARTIST: Tim Newman
SONG: "Goodbye Porkpie Hat."
ALBUM: "Altered Ego."

19. ARTIST: Ah-Q Jazz Arkestra
SONG: "Yi Nian."
ALBUM: "Yi Nian."

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