Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tideline 1-11-11

David Gilden - Distant Strings
Sarah Harmer - The Marble In Your Eye
Sarah Harmer - The City
Sarah Harmer - New Loneliness
Matt Costa - Drive
Matt Costa - Mobile Chateau
Vusi Mahlasela - Selections from "Say Africa"
Cady Finlayson & Vita Tanga - Itchy Fingers
Mustafa Ali - Snowy Raga
Cal Scott & Kevin Burke - Clancy's/Flexible Flyer
Celtic Gathering - City of Chicago
Natasha Borzilova - Rechka
Alcides Rodriguez - Veguero Nuevo
James Justin Burke - The Rescue
James Justin Burke - You're Not Alone
Coyote Grace - Man In the Moon
Hanneke Cassel - Selections from "For Reasons Unseen"
Scott Schwertfeger - Bull Run

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Cady Finlayson said...

Thank you for including our music on your station!
Best wishes, Cady Finlayson