Sunday, March 27, 2011

We Like Kds

Hosts - Jack & Tulio Fontanella The Littlest Birds, The Be Good Tanyas, Animal Playground There's a Pea on My Plate, Bill Harley, There's a Pea on My Plate Don't Ever Step on a Snake, Don Spencer, Animal Playground Ong Tal Sam (Little Spring), Elizabeth Mitchell, Sunny Day Sunny Day, Elizabeth Mitchell, Sunny Day Awake and Laugh, Eric Hansen, Nobody Knows My Hair Had a Party Last Night, Trout Fishing in America Keep on the Sunny Side, Elizabeth Mitchell, Sunny Day Bojabi, Bill Harley, Dinosaurs Never Say Please Jubilation, Cathy & Marcy, Banjo to Beatbox You Are My Sunshine, Asheba, Children are Sunshine I Like to Eat Worms, Pencilhead and the Playground Punks Opposites, Ralph and Ralph, Oasis Childrens Sampler #3

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