Saturday, April 9, 2011

Jazz Beat, April 9, 2011


1. ARTIST: Dave Brubeck
SONG: "Castillian Drums."
ALBUM: "The Quartet."

2. ARTIST: Dave Brubeck
SONG: "Three To Get Ready."
ALBUM: "The Quartet."

3. ARTIST: Dave Brubeck
SONG: "St. Louis Blues."
ALBUM: "The Quartet."

4. ARTIST: Michel Petrucciani
SONG: "Cantabile."
ALBUM: "Trio In Tokyo."

5. ARTIST: Michel Petrucciani
SONG: "September Second."
ALBUM: "Trio In Tokyo."

6. ARTIST: Terence Blanchard
SONG: "Chinatown" theme.
ALBUM: "Jazz In Films."

7. ARTIST: The Stanley Clarke Trio
SONG: "Sakura Sakura."
ALBUM: "Jazz In The Garden."

8. ARTIST: George Cole Quintet
SONG: "Sheila's Waltz."
ALBUM: "Riverside Drive."
================================8 p.m.
9. ARTIST: Tom Waits
SONG: "Knife Chase."
ALBUM: "Blood Money."

10. ARTIST: Tom Waits.
SONG: "God's Away On Business."
ALBUM: "Blood Money."

11. ARTIST: Van Morrison
SONG: "Did Ye Get Healed?"
ALBUM: "Best Of Van Morrison."

12. ARTIST: Holly Cole
SONG: "On The Street Where You Live."
ALBUM: "Blame It On My Youth."

13. ARTIST: Amy Cervini Quartet
SONG: "Don't Fence Me In."
ALBUM: "Famous Blues."

14. ARTIST: Harry Connick Jr.
SONG: "Charade."
ALBUM: "Come By Me."

15. ARTIST: Dem Brooklyn Bums
SONG: "Luigi's Famous Pun-Tango."
ALBUM: "There Goes The Neighborhood."

16. ARTIST: Cherry Poppin' Daddies
SONG: "Zoot Suit Riot."
ALBUM: "Zoot Suit Riot."

17. ARTIST: Tony Bennett
SONG: "The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams."
ALBUM: "The Essential Tony Bennett."

18. ARTIST: Stephane Grappelli
SONG: "Pennies From Heaven."
ALBUM: "Best Of Stephane Grappelli."

19. ARTIST: Miles Davis
SONG: "It's About That Time."
ALBUM: "Bitches Brew Live."

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