Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mudlark Sampler

Host Jack Fontanella

Camp Chase, Rabbit Foot Old Time String Band, Run Arund and I'll Smack You Down
Dull Chisel, Gary Harrison & the Mule Team, Red Praire Dawn
Cotton Eyed Joe, Trevor & Travis Stuart, Mountaineer
Kentucky Girl, LOarry sparks, Classic Bluegrass
Chadwell Station, Rabbit Foot, Run Around...

Wandering Boy, Adam Hurt, Earth Tones
Lady of the Lake, Aaron Lewis & Matt Ball, Phil's Patio
Ghost Stories, Larry Sparks, Special Delivery
John Hardy, The Freight Hoppers, Mile Marker
Twin Sisters, Chance McCoy and the Appalachin Stringband, Debut
Brushy Fork of John's Creek, Rockinghams, Shout Lula

Rabbit in the Lowland.Hogwire Stringband, Rascal Fair
Forked Deer, Adam Hurt, Earthtone
Red Mountain Wine, Southern Schoolhouse Rascals, Old School Mountain Style
Cookhouse Joe, Rabbitfoot, Run Around...

Merriweather,Aaron Ball & Jonah Lewis, Matt's Patio
Old Shady Grove, Rock Mountain Ramblers, Rock Mountain Ramblers
Cindy, ", "
Arkansas Traveler, " , "
Ship of the Morning, " , "

Halifax, Armin Barnett, Back Up & Push
John Brown, Armin Barnett, Dave Molk, Mark Gunther, Indiana Fiddlers Gathering Old Time Fiddle Tunes(1973-1975)

Almost Home, Larry Sparks, Almost Home
Big Eyed Rabbit, Hogwire String Band, Rascal Fair
Fine Times at Our House, Foghorn Stringband, Foghorn Stringband
Back Road, Larry Sparks, Almost Home
The Titanic, Southern Schoolhouse Rascals, Old School Mountain Style
No Corn on Tygart, Scott Prouty, Puncheon Floor
Hound Chase, The Freight Hoppers, Mile Marker
Starvation on Hell Creek, Trevor and Travis Stuart, Pretty Little Widow
Crook Brothers Breakdown, same as above

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