Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tideline 6 April 2011 (host: Angelina)

Kickin' it with your host, Angelina:

Tonight on Tideline it's been a blast and a pleasure spending some time in the studio with Rev. Neil Down and Lahna Deering of "Deering & Down". ( ) We're playing several cuts from their upcoming album due out this summer and chatting about what went into recording their new songs.

This album was recorded with the late legendary Willie Mitchell who was a Soul, R&B, rock-n-roll and funk producer and arranger who ran Royal Recording in Memphis, Tennessee.

This album clearly reflects this array of musical influence with rich, velvety sounds strongly rooted in soul flowing assuredly with Lahna's gorgeous vocals - smooth and mesmerizing then standing you on your feet for a fun blues rockin' boot stompin' dancin' 'round beltin' out better listen up number and all done so beautifully with Rev's masterful guitar work. There is something for everyone and it won't disappoint. You will not want to miss this - what a treat to enjoy!
1. Blue Eyes
2. Been A Lot of Rain
3. Beyond the End
4. Painted Bird
5. Dear Lord
6. Ain't No Secret
7. Linda McCabe
8. Needless to Say
9. Pull It Together
10. Now I Know
11. Love is a Rock

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