Sunday, April 3, 2011

We Like Kids

Hello! This is Max and Anton ready to play lots of cool stuff fo you. Song List:
What Color is Your Minivan - Jim Cosgrove,
The Tunnel Song - Cheech Marin,
Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Queen,
Three Little Fishies - The Cats Pajamas ,
We Like To Party - Crazy Frog,
Batman Theme - Danny Elfman,
Axel F - Crazy Frog,
Buttercup (I'm a Super Girl) - Shonen Knife,
Day O - Harry Belafonte,
I Don't Like - Bare Naked Ladies,
Ah My Goddess Theme - Ah My Goddess Sountrack,
Crazy ABCs -Bare Naked Ladies,
We Like To Move It - Crazy Frog,
Penguin Parade - Banana Slug String Band,
Pokemon Dance Mix - Pokemon Sountrack,
Grandmas Feather Bed - John Denver,
Little Molly Bunny - Miss Kitty

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