Saturday, June 18, 2011

Crosscurrents June 17, 2001
Spectrums of Folk (Folk, Country, and Bluegrass)

Richard Greene: 2Much 2Soon, Soldier's Joy
Chenille Sisters: Low Gravy
Rger Miller: Walkin' in the Sunshine
Johnny Cash: I Walk the Line
Randy Travis: Diggin' Up Bones
Peter, Paul & Mary: Rolling Home, Weave Me the Sunshine
Mr Double Happiness: Catch More Bees
The Folkmen: Never Did No Wanderin'
Kings of Mongerel Folk: Monkey with a Typewriter, Hoof 'n Mouth, Highlander's Farewell/Old Shoemaker/Dunbar
Nashville Bluegrass Band: Garfield's Blackberry Blossom, Pretty Red Lips, Blind Bartimus, Crossing the Cumberland
The Bills: The Gatlinburg, Nowhere to Be, Cambridge Set, Oeil au Beurre Noir
Bobby Smith and the Boys from Shiloh: Whoa, Mule, Whoa
Johnny Gimble: Ragtime Annie
Fiddlin' Red Herron: Hell Broke Loose in Georgia
Mac Martin & The Dixie Travelers: Cotton-Eyed Joe
Wayne Hancock: Poor Boy Blues
Grascals: Bevan's Lake Crosiing, Leaving's Heavy on my Mind
Nickel Creek: Ode to a Butterfly, House of Tom Bombadil
The Bird Sisters: The Dove Flies, Gettin' Lots of Sleep
Slavek Hanzlik: Summer Solstice
Let My People Go: Ha Lachma Anya

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