Saturday, June 4, 2011

Jazz Beat/June 4, 2011


1. ARTIST: Matt Wilson
SONG: "Sweet Betsy From Pike."
ALBUM: "As Wave Follows Wave."

2. ARTIST: Yusef Lateef
SONG:"Russell And Elliott."
ALBUM: "Every Village Has A Song."

3. ARTIST: Yusef Lateef
SONG:"Number 7."
ALBUM: "Every Village Has A Song."

4. ARTIST: Tim Newman
SONG: "Goodbye Porkpie Hat."
ALBUM: "Altered Ego."

5. ARTIST: McCoy Tyner & Marc Ribot
SONG: "500 Miles."
ALBUM: "Guitars."

6. ARTIST: Grace Lee
SONG: "'Round Midnight."
ALBUM: "Times Too."

7. ARTIST: Yellowjackets
SONG: "My Soliloquy."
ALBUM: "Timeline."

8. ARTIST: Yellowjackets
SONG: "Timeline."
ALBUM: "Timeline."

9. ARTIST: Yellowjackets
SONG: "Tenacity."
ALBUM: "Timeline."

========================================8 P.M.
10. ARTIST: The Near East Quartet
SONG: "500 Long Years."
ALBUM: "Chaosmos."

11. ARTIST: Stanley Clarke
SONG: "Back In The Woods."
ALBUM: "The Toys Of Men."

12. ARTIST: Near East Quartet
SONG: "Ou-Hu."
ALBUM: "Chaosmos."

13. ARTIST: McCoy Tyner & Derek Trucks
SONG: "Greensleeves."
ALBUM: "Guitars."

14. ARTIST: Steve Haines Quintet with Jimmy Cobb
SONG: "Rendezvous."
ALBUM: "Stickadiboom."

15. ARTIST: Stanley Jordan
SONG: "Flying Home."
ALBUM: "Best Of Stanley Jordan."

16. ARTIST: Stanley Jordan
SONG: "Over The Rainbow."
ALBUM: "Best Of Stanley Jordan."

17. ARTIST: Frank Vignola
SONG: "Misty."
ALBUM: "Blues For A Gypsy."

18. ARTISTS: Chet Atkins & Les Paul.
SONG: "Caravan."
ALBUM: "Chester & Lester."

19. ARTIST: Gary Moore
SONG: "The Supernatural."
ALBUM: "Blues For Greeny."

20. ARTIST: Jim Cooper with Ira Sullivan
SONG: "Autumn Nocturne."
ALBUM: "Nutville."

21. ARTIST: John Zorn
SONG: "Jazz Oboes."
ALBUM: "Teamwork."

The End.

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