Monday, June 13, 2011

Jazz Tonight/June 13, 2011

JAZZ TONIGHT, June 13, 2011

1. ARTIST: Holly Cole
SONG: "It's Alright With Me."
ALBUM: "Holly Cole."

2. ARTIST: Holly Cole
SONG: "Charade."
ALBUM: "Holly Cole."

3. ARTIST: Roy Gaines & His Orchestra
SONG: "Inflation Blues."
ALBUM: "Tuxedo Blues."

4. ARTIST: Lorraine Feather.
SONG: "A Household Name."
ALBUM: "Language."

5. ARTIST: The Yellowjackets
SONG: "Stick-To-It-Ive-Ness."
ALBUM: "Club Nocturne."

6. ARTIST: The Yellowjackets
SONG: "The Evening News."
ALBUM: "Club Nocturne."

7. ARTIST: Tough Young Tenors
SONG: "Ask Me Now."
ALBUM: "Alone Together."

8. ARTIST: Tough Young Tenors
SONG: "Blues On The Corner."
ALBUM: "Alone Together."

9. ARTIST: Tough Young Tenors
SONG: "Chelsea Bridge."
ALBUM: "Alone Together."

10. ARTIST: Rachel Z
SONG: "Nardis."
ALBUM: "Trust The Universe."

11. ARTIST: Rachel Z
SONG: "Trust The Universe."
ALBUM: "Trust The Universe."

============================== 10 P.M.
12. ARTIST: Dan Mcelrath & The Dan MacQuintet
SONG: "A Tribute To The Horses Of Summer Bay."
ALBUM: "Ajazzka."

13. ARTIST: Michel Petrucciani
SONG: "Round Midnight."
ALBUM: "Date With Time."

14. ARTIST: Michel Petrucciani
SONG: "So What."
ALBUM: "Trio In Tokyo."

15. ARTIST: KIM SungSu
SONG: "Propose."
ALBUM: "Peterfish."

16. ARTIST: Al Di Meola
SONG: "Paradisio."
ALBUM: "Orange And Blue."

17. ARTIST: Al Di Meola
SONG: "This Way Before."
ALBUM: "Orange And Blue."

18. ARTIST: Black Note
SONG: "Unrequited."
ALBUM: "Jungle Music."

19. ARTIST: Metheny, Mehldau
SONG: "A Night Away."
ALBUM: "Quartet."

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