Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mudlark Sampler

Host - Jack Fontanella

Back Road, Larry Sparks, Almost Home

Susan's Gone, Wandering Ramblers, Wandering and Rambling
Old Judge Parker, Tony Goldenberg, Back Up and Push
Old Smokey, The Southern Schoolhouse Rascals, Old Scool Mountain Style

John Henry's Blues, Uncle Henry's Favorites, Old Time Stringband Music
Lafayette, Roger Howell, Hands in Harmony
East Virginia, Wandering Ramblers, Wandering and Rambling
Poor Little Mary Sitting in a Corner, Soundwagon, Give the Fiddler a Dram
Clinton, John Hoffman and Mac Benford, It's About Time

Make Me a Bed on the Floor, Soundwagon, Give the Fiddler a Dram
Riley the Furniture Man, The Haints Old Time Stringband, Shout Monah
Fortune , Kirk Sutphin and Rikley Baugus, Old Time Piedmont Pals
Hound Chase, The Frieght Hoppers, Mile Marker

Crow Creek, Dave Winston and brad leftwich, Southern Clawhammer Banjo
Far in the Mountain, John Hoffman and Mac benford, It's About Time
Sourwood Mountain, Raife Stefanini, Glory on the Big String
Been to the East Been to the West, Plank Road Stringband, Southern Clawhammer Banjo
Indian Ate a Woodchuck, Chance McCoy and the Appalachian Stringband, Debut
Johnson Boys, Dan Gellert and Brad Leftwich, A Moment in Time
Farmer is the Man, Frieght Hoppers, Mile Marker

Shout Lulu, Brad Leftwich and the Hogwire Stingband, Rascal Fair
Over the Hill to See Betty Baker, Clyde Davenport, Hands in Harmony
Yellow Barber, Red State Ramblers, Common Wealth
My Rough and Rowdy Ways, Big Medicine, Pine to Pine
Grub Springs, Raife Stefanini, Glory on the Big String
Jimmy Shank, Sophie Vitells, Back Up and Push

Picture Me There, Larry Sparks, Almost Home
Cotton Eyed Joe, Trevor and Travis Stuart, Moutaineer
Black Mountain Rag, Killer Grits, Midnight on the Run

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