Sunday, July 17, 2011

Friends & Neighbors July 13

Highlights of the show Mike hosted:

Gillian Welch  "Six White Horses" on The Harrow and the Harvest

Pete Seeger "English is Cuh-ray-zee"
Raison d'Etre "Legacy (I Googled Myself)
Paul Rivers "Keepin' it Simple"
                                     on Accoustic Rainbow, Roots Radio, vol 37

Barb Ryman "Nursery Rhymes" and
                     "Picture Us"  on Catch the Sunset

various artists "Eddy's Song"
                       "Ship's Gonna Sail"  on Long Gone: Utah remembers Utah Phillips

Jonathan Edwards "Sailor's Prayer" on My Love Will Keep

Battlefield Band  "Glen Caladh Castle"
                            "That's How Strong My Love Is"  - yes, the Otis Redding song
                                              on Line-Up

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