Saturday, July 2, 2011

Jazz Beat, July 2, 2011

JAZZ BEAT/July 2, 2011

1. ARTIST: Clarence Clemons
SONG: "Peace Prayer."
ALBUM: "Peacemaker." 1995

2. ARTIST: Clarence Clemons
SONG: "Serenity."
ALBUM: "Peacemaker." 1995

3. ARTIST: Chris Vasi
SONG: "Nha Tchon."
ALBUM: "Vesuvius.

4. ARTISTS: The Penguin Jazz Quartet
SONG: "Midnight."
ALBUM: "On Ice." 1999.

5. ARTISTS: Grace Kelly & Phil Woods
SONG: "The Way You Look Tonight."
ALBUM: "Man With The Hat."

6. ARTIST: Avishai Cohen Trio
SONG: "Seattle."
ALBUM: "Gently Disturbed."

7. ARTIST: Yellowjackets
SONG: "Blues For KJ."
ALBUM: "Mint Jam." 2002

8. ARTIST: Yellowjackets
SONG: "Tortise and the Hare."
ALBUM: "Mint Jam." 2002
==================================== 8 p.m.
9. ARTISTS: Stan Kenton & His Orchestra.
SONG: Hungarian National Anthem "Himnusz."
ALBUM: "National Anthems Of The World.

10. ARTIST: New Guitar Summit.
SONG: "Glide On."
ALBUM: "New Guitar Summit."

11. ARTISTS: Sangha Quartet
SONG: "Fear Of Roaming."
ALBUM: "Fear Of Roaming."

12. ARTIST: Kenji Omae
SONG: "Across The Pond."
ALBUM: "Here For Now."

13. ARTIST: Yellowjackets
SONG: "Tenacity."
ALBUM: "Timeline.

14. ARTIST: Avishai Cohen Trio
SONG: "Pinzin Kinzin."
ALBUM: "Gently Disturbed."

15. ARTIST: Pat Metheny
SONG: "Last Train Home."
ALBUM: "Still Life (talking.)"

16. ARTIST: Waitiki
SONG: "China Fan."
ALBUM: "Charred Mammal Flesh."

17. ARTIST: Waitiki
SONG: "Fuzz Mammoth Breath."
ALBUM: "Charred Mammal Flesh."


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