Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mudlark Sampler

Host: Jack Fontanella

Little Boy Where'd You Get You Britches, The Pearly Snaps
Going Across the Sea/Angeline, Luke Abbott, Take Me Home
Fancy Creek, Harry Bolick & Brian Slatterly, Come Over and See us Some Time
Say That Again,The Cliffhangers, Big Ears
Poor Little Mary, Harry Bolick & Brian Slatterly, Come Over and See Us Some Time

Hills of Roan County, Frank Body, Been Riding with Old Mosby
Sugar Babe Blues, The Pearly Snaps, The Pearly Snaps
Three Forks of Cheat, John Hoffman & Mac Benford, Gone Indian
Vance No More/Kiss Me Quick My Papa's Comin', The Pearly snaps
Hound Chase, The Freight Hoppers, Mile Marker
Little Sadie, Luke Abbott, Take Me Home
No Depression, The Pearly Snaps

Hell up Coal Holler, Brad Leftwich & the Hogwire Stringband, Rascal Fair
Stick that Pigs Foot a Little Further into the Fire, The Pearly Snaps
Missouri Border Lands, Joe Newberry, Two Hands

Chadwell Station, The Rabbits Foot Old Time,
Stringband, Run Around and I'll Smack You Down
Wagon Tire Tightener, Mac Traynam and Shay Garriock, Turkey in the Mountain
Flower from the Fields of Alabama, Big Medicine, Too Old to be Controlled
Old Paint, Big Hoedown, Bruce Molsky and...
Pretty Little Shoes, Red Mules, A Tribute to the Applallachian Stringband Festival at Clifftop
Pretty Little Widow, Trevor and Travis Stuart, Mountaineer
The Blackest Crow, The Pearly Snaps

The Lonesome Pine Special, The Rockinghams, Shout Lulu
Jeff Sturgeon, The L7's, A Tribute to ...Clifftop
Blackberry Blossum, Dan Gellert, (same as above)
Big Dipper/Cannonball Reunion, The Queen City Bulldogs, (same as previous two)
The Ballad of Cole Younger, Troublesome Creek, Fast as Time Can T ake Me
Silver Dagger, The Pearly Snaps

The Sinkin' Man, Open Road, the Life
Grub Springs, Rafe Stefanini, Glory on the Big String
Ducks on the Mill Pond, Tribute to the Past, The New Ballards Branch Bogtrotters
Yellow Barber, The Red State Ramblers, Commonwealth

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