Thursday, July 7, 2011

Women's Prerogative

Lindi Ortega * When All the Stars Align
Lisa Sheppard * Neon Lights
Barb Ryman * Catch the Sunset
Kyle Carey * Gaol ise gaol i
Lindi Ortega * Blue Bird
Lisa Sheppard * I'm Not That Tough
Barb Ryman * Scary Mari
Kyle Carey * Virginia
The Burns Sisters * God Made Woman
Dee Carstensen * Time
Barbara Kessler * Notion
Betty Elders * Longbed From Kenya
Claire Lynch * If Wishes Were Horses
Rhonda Vincent * Drivin' Nails in my Coffin
Lynn Morris * You'll Get No More of Me
Jackie Johnson * It Should Have Been Me
Lisa Kindred * Wild Child
Anne Bourne * Blue Ballet
Sara Hickman * Salvador
Patty Larkin * I Told Him My Dog Wouldn't Run
Lisa Sheppard * What It's Like
Lisa Sheppard * Blue Tonight
Lindi Ortega * Little Lie
Lindi Ortega * I'm No Elvis Presley
Tia McGraff * Angry Eagle
Kelley Ryan * About a Girl
Sarah Harmer * The Thief
Kyle Carey * The Star Above Rankin's Point
"Home" from the musical "Wonderland"

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