Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Soundings 8/29

Host - Leif Saya

stephen grapelli david Grisman Satin Doll

spirit of the horn slide hampton and the world of trombones All in love is fair

Dick Griffin All Blues Walking with Shirley
Fatts Waller and his rythem ain't misbehavin I can't give you any thing but love

jimmy witherspoo;n out skirts of town
gooing to kansas city

grover washington jr. snake eyes

john lee hooker black snake how long blues
wooblin blues fifty nine

john lee hooker
ella fitgerald organ grinders swing
john lee hooker

new orleans jazz at the kitty halls nellie gray

manfredo fest braziliana brazilian dorian dream

sonny rollins with the modern jazz quartet
mambo bounce

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