Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mudlark Sampler

Host - Jack Fontanella

Brickyard Joe, Sheesham and Lotus, More Old Time Fiddle and Banjo
Birchfield's Rabbit, Evil City String Band, Evil City Stringband
Scotland Man, Cary Fridley, Down South
Honet's Nest, Harry Bolick & Brian Slatterly, Come On Over and See Us Some Time
Montana Cowboy, Vern Williams Band, Traditional Bluegrass
Shucking the Bush/Carey Fridley and 7 Mile Ford, Down South

Fighting Man (Jesse James), Evil City Stringband
Icy Mountain, Sheesham and Lotus, More Old time fiddle and Banjo
My House, Kathy Kallick Band, Between the Hollow and the Highrise
Hound Chase, The Freight Hopprs, Mile Marker

Valley Forge, Rachel Eddy, Hand on the Plow
I'll Just Take This Train and Ride, The Gillis Brothers, Heart and Soul
Garrel Hunter's Tune, Paul Brown, Red Clay Country

Ora Lee/Old Folks Played While the Young Folks Danced,
Mike in the Wilderness, John Hoffman and Mac Benford, It's About Time
Taxes on the Farmer Feeds them All, Frieght Hoppers, Mile Marker
Cranberry Rock, Chance McCoy and the Appalachian Stringband

Mandy Jane, Open Road, the Life
No Depression, The Pearly Snaps, The Pearly Snaps
Don't Give All the Lard Away, The Red State Ramblers, Commonwealth
Wandering Boy, Rabbitfoot Old Time String Band, Run Around and I'll smack You Down
Rebel Raid, Killer Grits, Midnight on the Run
The Lakes of Ponchartrain, Jim Smoak and the Louisianna Honey Drippers

Cold Wind, Open Road, Cold Wind
Old Beech Leaves/Sheep and Hogs Walking in a Pasture, Adam Hurt, Earth Tones
Hook and Line, Brad Leftwich, Banjo Gathering

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