Sunday, August 7, 2011

We Like Kids

Finn, Corder and Crew in the KRNN kidz-house this morning. Howdy to all our pepes out their listening, family, friends, near and far. Hold on for a family friendly musical feast. Breakfast for your kid bones.


the monster dance/daisy may erlewine
bury me in the sand/wee hairy beasties
world soup/seth bernard
we are the dinosaurs/laurie berkner

pick out a story/dino 5 Baby loves Hip-Hop
i may be big and scary but i'm really pretty nice/dino 5
diaper bag boogie/jim cosgrove
mama don't allow/ dog on fleas
where's the music/ medeski, martin and wood
pat a cake/ ""
human zoo/dog on fleas

summer reading drawing winners break

underwear/dog on fleas
sleeping bag/imagination movers
three little birds/cedella marley booker & taj mahal
freight train/garcia & grisman not for kids only

Over and out thanks for listening.

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