Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ambient Groove, October 1, 2011 (6-8am)

Playlist for Saturday, October 1st
hosted by Kate

A Star Danced, David Wahler
Missing You, David Wahler
There Once Was a Man, Kelesha Martin
…It Made Me Stronger, Juan Etcheverry
The Book of Marvels, Anthropedia Foundation
Roxo, Eric Wilson
Alms End, Emmalee Crane
Intermezzo in A, Opus 118 No 2, Annemieke Spoelstra
Everyday, Will Brady
Parubotsky Dance, Larisa Pastuchiv-Martin
Glorious, Dusty Knapp
Song for My Father, David Helsand & the Majestic Ensemble
Moments in Life, Jose Rodriquez

Renewed, Justin Lassen
Thinking of You, Scott Shumaker
Waxing Moon, Jah Wobble
Mun Pa, Life Space Death
Shining Stone, Bill Laswell et al.
Ariadne, Ira Stein
So Close, Wayne Gratz
Flowers on the Water, Kostia
Where We Used to Play, Spencer Brewer
The Memory, Nancy Rumbel
Lost Roads, Bill Laswell et al.

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