Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ambient Groove, October 8, 2011 (6-8am)

Playlist for Saturday, October 8th
hosted by Kate

Distant Sunrise, Coastline
My Last Poem, Adrien Aubrun
Patterns, Patrick O'Hearn
Surfing the Clouds, Deuter

Celebrating Autumn and Juneau's First Annual Great Pumpkin Festival.

Autumn Sky, Amir Baghiri
Autumn, Kevin Kendle
Autumn Elegy, Hennie Bekker
Autumn: Longing,/Love, George Winston

Autumn Leaves, Newell Oler
Autumn, Michael Silverman
Walk on  a Fall Day, Michael Silverman
Scarborough Fair, Rachel O'Donnell

Autumn Day, Peter White
Autumn Afternoon, David Michael Walsh
'Tis Autumn, Stacey Kent

Autumn Digging Dance, Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica
Timeless, Suntheca
La Tendresse, The Sura Quintet
Love Supreme, Christian Hornbostel

The Last Rose of Summer, Castlebay
Beautiful Silence, Jeff Oster
Metamorphosis 2, Bob Kilgore
Golden Slumber, Momentary Prophets

Shape of My Heart, Renoir Rodriguez
The Supine, Andrew Bird (by special request from a New York listener)
Theme from Doc Martin, Colin Towns

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