Monday, October 31, 2011

Cross Currents: Monday 8-10

With DJTrish C.
Happy Halloween! This morning we listened to songs that are magical, mystical, devilish or just plain spooky.

Magic Set:
Strange Magic = ELO
A Kind Of Magic = Queen
Magic Mirror = Leon Russell
Puff, The Magic Dragon = Peter, Paul & Mary
Magic Bus = The Who

Mystical Women Set:
Evil Woman = ELO
Mountain Angel = Dolly Parton
Rhiannon = Fleetwood Mac
Lady Samantha = Three Dog Night
She Devil = Natalie Merchant
Evil Ways = Santana

The kind of music Elton wanted at his funeral:
Funeral For a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding = Elton John

Devil Set:
Devil in Disguise = Elvis
Race With The Devil = Stray Cats
Friend of the Devil = Grateful Dead
Sympathy For The Devil = Rolling Stones
The Devil Went Down To Georgia = Charlie Daniels Band

Spooky Stuff:
The Legend of Wooley Swamp = Charlie Daniels Band
Swamp Witch = im Stafford
Witch Queen of New Orleans = Redbone
Bad Moon Rising = John Fogerty
Pet Sematary = Ramones
Boris The Spider = The Who
Psycho Killer = Talking Heads
Thriller = Michael Jackson

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