Monday, October 3, 2011

Garden of Love 7-9PM 10/3/11 with Irena & Jane

I got a song- Allen Frank
Kind Music-Serah
The Trip- Woods Tea Co
Model A waltz-Gunner Bob Madsen
Roll Highway-Woods Tea Co
Shades of Autumn-Sydney Stevens
Heel and Toe Polka-Wongawilli
Autumn Leaf- Sara Hanson
Laughter in the rain-Neil Sedaka
Sad eyes- Robert John
Love is in the air-John Paul Young
i just fall in love again-Anne Murray
Show and Tell- Al Wilson
Nobody does it better-Carly Simon
Alone again(Naturally)-Gilbert O'Sullivan
She believes in me-Kenny Rogers
Dream on-MOMS
The great Alaskan Railroad-Hobo Jim
Love song og the waterfall- Slim Whitman
I walk with you-Richard Ellers
Sweet sixteen Polka-Nany Hlad
The old Vienna-Gunner Bob Madsen
Somewhere in time- Priscilla Herdman
October winds-Peggy Monagham
Don't it make my brown eyes blue-Crystal Gayle
You and me against the world-Helen Reddy
Right down the line-Gerry Rafferty
Southern nights-Helen Reddy
Times of your life-Paul Anka

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