Saturday, October 22, 2011

Jazz Beat, Oct. 22, 2011

Travelers Music

1. ARTIST: Aaron Parks
SONG: "Roadside Distractions."
ALBUM: "Invisible Cinema."

2. ARTIST: Charlie Haiden Quartet West
SONG: "Always Say Goodbye."
ALBUM: "Always Say Goodbye."

3.ARTIST: Dave Brubeck
SONG: "Travelin' Blues."
ALBUM: "Nightshift (Live)."

4. ARTIST: Michel Petrucciani
SONG: "Santa Barbara."
ALBUM: "Date With Time."

5. ARTIST: Pat Metheny
SONG: "Travels."
ALBUM: "Trio '99 - 2000."

6. ARTIST: Chris Taylor
SONG: "The Forbidden Drive."
ALBUM: "Piece Offerings."

7. ARTIST: Avishai Cohen Trio
SONG: "Seattle."
ALBUM: "Gently Disturbed."

8. ARTIST: Bill Heid
SONG: "Asian Persuasion."
ALBUM: "Asian Persuasion."

9. ARTISTS: Bing Crosby & Bob Hope
SONG: "The Road To Morocco."
ALBUM: "Bing Crosby: His Legendary Years."
================================ 8 P.M.

10. ARTIST: Keith Jarrett
SONG: "Treasure Island."
ALBUM: "Treasure Island."

11. ARTIST: Pat Metheny, Brad Mehldau
SONG: "Secret Beach."
ALBUM: "Quartet."

12. ARTIST: Al Di Meola
SONG: "Sanctuary."
ALBUM: "Consequence of Chaos."

13. ARTIST: Nuclear Whales
SONG: "Sunday In Berlin."
ALBUM: "Isotopia."

14. ARTIST: Al Di Meola
SONG: "Africana Suite."
ALBUM: "Consequence of Chaos."

15. ARTIST: Nordic Connect
SONG: "Seafever."
ALBUM: "Flurry."

16. ARTIST: Dave Boswell
SONG: "Salute To Kindness."
ALBUM: "Bridge Of Art."

17. ARTIST: Michel Petrucciani
SONG: "Afro Blues."
ALBUM: "Date With Time."

18. ARTIST: Aaron Parks
SONG: "Travelers."
ALBUM: "Invisible Cinema."

19. ARTIST: Stan Harrison
SONG: "The Road Back."
ALBUM: "The Optimist."

The End.

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