Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tideline 5 Oct. 2011 (with Angelina)

kickin' it with your host, Angelina:

Miniature Disasters (KT Tunstall)
Hooked (Eilen Jewell)
Big Bad Handsome Man (Imelda May)
The Good Life (Jace Everett)
Linda McCabe (Deering and Down)

Bonnie Parker's Ballad (The Laura Blackley Band)
Sweet Pea (Amos Lee)
Dying Day (Brandi Carlile)
Night Train (Amos Lee)

Someone Like You (Adele)
Our Hearts Are Wrong (Jessica Lea Mayfield)
Reservations (Joy Kills Sorrow)
Should've Left You (The Leftover Cuties)
Stealin' (Catherine MacLellan)

Flowers (Kevin Gordon)
Never Been Wrong (The Laura Blackley Band)
Porch Song (Trailer Bride)
Knockin' Over Whiskeys (Hayes Carll)

Texas Blue Radio (Buddy Tabor)

Pearls On A String (Ryan Adams)
Death Letter Blues (Son House)
Fruit Stand Lady (Damon Fowler)
House of Cards (Rachel Harrington)

Just Believe It (Susan Cowsill)
Another Like You (Hayes Carll)
Blessed (Lucinda Williams)

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