Sunday, November 6, 2011

We Like Kids 11.06.11

Monday is muffin day - Let's Eat - The Wiggles
Saxophones - Irrational Anthem - Jim gill
It's Somebody's Birthday - It's Somebody's Birthday - Gary Lapow
Tuesday is Taco Day - Let's Eat - The Wiggles
Every Day is a birthday - Every Day is a birthday -Brady Rymer
Today is monday - Shake, rattle and rock - greg and Steve
My Best Day - My Best Day - trout fishing in america
Wednesday is watermelon day - Let's Eat - The Wiggles
Sun up Sunday - To all the purple tree trunks - Jack Pearson
On the day you were born - All wound up - cathy fink and marcy marxer
So many questions, so little time - country for kids - Disney
What a day - Morning n night - Craig and co
How many days - On the move - Greg and steve
Thursday is Bratwurst Day - Let's Eat - The Wiggles
Time Zone - Licensed to Heal - Dr. Rap
Time to slow down - Class Clown - Daffy Dave
Little Wall Clock - My Front Pouch - David Alpert
Grandfather's clock - Musical Folktales for children - Heather Forest
Circle Game - circle game - Music for little people
tick - tock - I'm full -Kinsongs
nick of time - Family tree- tom Chapin

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