Thursday, November 10, 2011

Women's Prerogative 11/10/11 Martha Moore

Sue Jorge * Esnoba
Gillian Welch * Rock of Ages
Gwen Stafani * The Sweet Escape
Alecia Nugent * Too Good to be True
Emmylou Harris * The Pearl
Kathleen Edwards * Summerlong
Kate Rusby * Drowned Lovers
Anne Heaton * Jump
Carrie Rodriguez * Seven Angels on a Bicycle
Zoe Boekbinder * Adventures of Turtle & Seahorse
Jesca Hoop * Dreams in the Hollow
Polly Paulusma * Over the Hill
Laura Veirs * Make Something Good
The Hush Sound * A Dark Congregation
Brandi Carlile * Happy
Tori Amos * Sorta Fairytale
Ani DiFranco * Imagine That
Lindsay Mac * Faith
Anne Heaton * Your Heart is for Breaking
Aimee Mann * I Can't Get My Head Around It
Priscilla Ahn * Astronaut
Zoe Boekbinder * Funeral
Rachael Yamagata * Letter Read

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