Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ambient Groove, January 14, 2012 (6-8am)

Playlist for Saturday, January 14th
hosted by Kate

Early Morning, Zeus Faber
Sagrada Familia, Robert Rich
Finding Forever, Maurice Horne
The Power to Imagine, Mychael Danna
Evolutions/Twilight, Giles Reaves
Songs of the Harper, Paul Avgerinos
Minor Blue, David Darling
Leap!, Bill Douglas
Gliding Song, Bruce Stark
The Perfect Night for Flying Carpets, Kevin Braheny & Tim Clark
River Seeks the Deep, Raphael
Eternal Return, Constance Denby
Different Deserts, Suspended Memories

Renaissance Fare
Magdalena, The Renaissance Music Players
Polonaise, Andrei Krylov
O Maria Vernans Rosa, Musica Sacra
Alman: The Honeysuckle, The Canadian Brass
Il Est Bel et Bon, Choeur de Chambre de Rouen
Pavane de la Tromba Hollandica, Capella de la Torre
Recuerdos Del la Alhambra, Gino D'Auri & Francisco Tarrega

Her Cathedral, Tim Story
Waltz, Bruce Stark
While the World Slowly Turns, Brian Hughes

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Anonymous said...

I truly loved the Brian Hughes piece that you played at the end of the show this a.m. Did not see his name in the playlist. Interesting show. ~Sheri~