Monday, January 30, 2012

Cross Currents: Monday 8-10

With DJ Trish C. Playing songs that have been featured in commercials.

Beatles = Revolution = Nike (1987 - one of the first uses of a BIG hit)
Gimme Some Lovin’ = Spencer Davis Group = Ameriprise Financial (Dennis Hopper)
1234 = Feist = Apple iPod nano
Where The Streets Have No Name = U2 = Ford

From The Morning = Nick Drake = AT&T (Rethink Possible - Orange canvas)
Perfect Day = Lou Reed = AT&T (Here’s To Possibilities - snowboarder leaves atmosphere)
Dream Police = Cheap Trick = Audi
Godzilla = Blue Oyster Cult = Auto Trader

Brass In Pocket = Pretenders = Blackberry
La Grange = ZZ Top = Can-Am
Secret Agent Man = Johnny Rivers = Chase (Bond fantasy/credit card fraud)
This Will Be = Natalie Cole = eHarmony
Catch The Wind = Donovan = GE (wind energy - little boy catches wind in jar to blow out grandpa’s birthday candles)

Under Pressure = Queen and Bowie = Google (mouthed by the Muppets)
Miss You = Rolling Stones = Grey Goose (people getting together for summer reunion)
Brand New Key = Melanie = HP (baby in walker drives through desert, highway & traffic)
Picture Book = The Kinks = HP (people holding up headshots of themselves, then trading them)

Crazy Train = Ozzy Osbourne = Honda Pilot (family sings)
Barracuda = Heart = Honda Odyssey
Horse With No Name = America = Kohl’s
Thriller = Michael Jackson = Sobe Lifewater (lizards do the Thriller dance)

Moving In Stereo = The Cars = Pennzoil Ultra (robots service car)
Forever Young = Bob Dylan = Pepsi
Unwritten = Natasha Bedingfield = Pantene
Escape = Rupert Holmes = Taco Bell (stuck in traffic and meetings singing song)

If You Want To Sing Out = Cat Stevens = T-Mobile My Touch (Whoopi, Phil Jackson, Jessie James show off new phone)
Trouble = Ray LaMontagne = Travelers Insurance (dogs looks for pace to hide bone)

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