Monday, February 13, 2012

Friends & Neighbors: Wednesday 7-9 pm, Feb 8

Enjoy Alaskans making music (and other favorites too).

Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen
Six Lives Colliding Happiness from an Oasis compilation Acoustic XI:17
Cindy McKenna (she live near Homer)  You're the Best Sorry  from “Joy of Life”
Too Blue Yesterday's Eyes from an Oasis compilation Acoustic XI:17
Emma's Revolution  Stand Together
                                 Sun and the Wind    from a new cd
Cindy McKenna   The Redwood Tree  from “Joy of Life”
Rev. Dennis and David Kamakahi Ulilie from the sound track of "The Descendants"

Tom Russell The Man from God Knows Where
Lee Murdock
Doc and Merle Watson

and there were more tracks played, but I started listening longer and typing less...

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