Saturday, March 24, 2012

Crosscurrents with Sue B!
Friday, March 23, 2012
No Words

Words, The Monkees
Naked Keys, Margie Adam
Marco Polo, Loreena McKennit
The Grey Fox: Main Title, The Chieftans
Dr. Zhivago: Prelude & Lara's Theme, Maurice Jarre
The Triplets of Bellville: Cabaret Hoover, Ben Charet
My Left Foot: Love Spoken Here, Elmer Bernstein
Anatomy of a Murder: Main Title, Duke Ellington
Casablanca selections, Max Steiner
Six Feet Under: Main Title, Thomas Newman
Battlestar Glactica: Escape from the Farm, Bear McCleary
Sweetheart, Drumsex
Rods and Cones, Blue Man Group
Mbonqane Groove, The Spirit of Africa
Washington Post March, The Sousa Band
National Emblem March, US Coast Guard Band
King of the Air March, Catch the Brass Ring
March of the Macabees, Shirim
Ten Commandments Suite, Elmer Bernstein
Ben-Hur: Overture, Miklos Rozsa
Jesus Christ Superstar: Overture, Andrew Lloyd Weber

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