Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Little Bit of Broadway

Easter Parade

The opera ran long, so we only have about a half an hour this afternoon. So why not take advantage of that, and play some of the best songs from the 1948 film musical Easter Parade. Don and Nadine have a successful dance act, but Nadine decides to go solo. Don declares that he can make a star from the next dancer he meets. That’s Hannah – and with lots of mix-ups and misunderstanding, Don and Hannah finally admit they are in love.

Judy Garland as Hannah Brown
Fred Astaire as Don Hewes
Peter Lawford as Jonathan Harrow III
Ann Miller as Nadine Hale
Music and Lyrics by Irving Berlin

Happy Easter
It only Happens when I Dance with You
The Fella with an Umbrella
Shakin' the Blues Away
Steppin' Out with My Baby
A Couple of Swells
Better Luck Next Time
Easter Parade

Take a look at some of the hats from today's Easter Parade in NYC.

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