Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mudlark Sampler 4/7

Host - John Gaguine

Music today from the folk years of the early and mid-1960s

Judy Collins - So Early Early in the Spring, Deportee/Plane Wreck at Los Gatos (Woody Guthrie), The Last Thing on My Mind (Tom Paxton), Turn Turn Turn (Pete Seeger)

Peter Paul and Mary - Don't Think Twice (Bob Dylan), The Times They Are A'Changing (Dylan), Puff the Magic Dragon, If I Had My Way (Rev. Gary Davis)

Joan Baez - Donna Donna, Farewell Angelina (Dylan), Colors (Donovan)

Tom Lehrer - Wernher von Braun, Lobachevsky, Vatican Rag, Be Prepared

Bob Dylan = Mr. Tambourine Man, Baby Let Me Follow You Down, I Don't Believe You, Baby Let Me Follow You Down (electric), I Don't Believe You (electric)

Eric Andersen - Thirsty Boots
Baez - Carry It On

Ian and Sylvia - You Were on My Mind, Short Grass, Four Strong Winds, Nancy Whiskey

Phil Ochs - There But for Fortune, In the Heat of the Summer, I Ain't Marching Anymore

Brewer and Shipley - Witchi-Tai-To

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