Sunday, May 20, 2012

Friends&Neighbors early May 2012

Call while we're on the air if you want details of what you're hearing.

Carolina Chocolate Drops
"Riro's House" (learned from Joe Thompson) and
"Kerr's Nego Jig" and
"Mahalla" and
"West End Blues" from Leaving Eden

Dead Fiddlers Society
"Jaybird of the Whooping Cough" and
"Booth Shot Lincoln/Crow Creek" and
"Hobb Dye" from liven it up

"Cindy Gal" (learned from Joe Thompson) from Genuine Negro Jig
"Ricketts Hornpipe" from Heritage

Harpeth Rising, "Crash Test Dummy Blues" from Dead Man's Hand

Soda Rock Ramblers, "American Cider Press/ Cherry Creek/ Studthumper" from Cafe Curioso

Corbertt-Chrisman-Tide, "Panda & Critter"

Sourdough Biscuits, "I Could Be Happy" from The Bear

Mustard's Retreat
"Step It Up, Joe" from Back to Back
"That Kind of Morning" and
"Remembering My Incarnations" from The Wind and the Crickets

Ron Pope, "About the Rain" from Atlanta

Linda Allen, "RunAround" from Here's to the Women

Critton Hollow String Band, "Bell Cow/Grumbling Old Man and Growling Old Woman"

Audrey Auld, "Tree" from Acoustic Rainbow 40

Caroline Doctorow, "Down the Road" from I Carry All I Own

Annie Gallup, "Lester William Polsfuss" from Little Five Points

Setanta, "Carolina Rua" from early rising

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