Friday, June 8, 2012

Friends & Neighbors: eclectic Folk Wed June 6

Coyote Grace/Jane Roodenburg/Holly Near and more

De Temps Antan, A l’année, De la St-Come and Dimanche dernier

Alaska’s Hobo Jim, Lost and Dyin’ Breed, Maple Syrup on Flapjacks
                        ,woodsmoke, Catalog Dreams

Tennessee Mafia Jug Band, Screams from the Holler, Hell Amongst the Yearlings
                         ,See and Hear Barnyard Frolic, Charmin’ Betsy

Kentucky Clodhoppers,  Rocky Mountain Goat

Alaska String Band,  Cherokee Shuffle  and Wizard’s Walk

Pharis and Jason Romero, A Passing Glimpse, Forsaken Love

Jane Roodenburg, Unmarked Boxes, Lenny’s Song

John McCutcheon, Water From Another Time, Wild Rose of the Mountain

Stacey Earle and Mark Stuart, Dedication, Workin’ On It

Michael Garner, Angels Wear the Strangest Clothes, Peace Comin’

Coyote Grace, Now Take Flight, trevor

Susie Fitzgerald,Acoustic Rainbow sampler, Plenty, Making, Making, Someday Made

Molasses Creek, Red-Haired Boy Meets Miss Liza

Woodpickers, Down the Line,  Gorgeous

Natalie Merchant,  SingOut,  The Blind Men and the Elephant

Esther Golton,  unfinished houses, All the Room I Need

Bob McQuillen, Laurie Andres, Cathie Whitesides, Hand It Down: tunes by Bob McQuillen, Olde Tyme Quadrille/JB Milne

Pine Leaf Boys, La Musique, Pine Leaf Boy Two Step  and Chez Moreau

Those Darn Accordions, Squeeze This!, The Story of Lawrence Welk

Holly Near, Edge, Planet Called Home
       ,  Musical Highlights, Change of Heart
       , and still we sing, Fired Up

Rafe & Clelia Stefanini,  Lady on the Green, Collins Medley #1

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